Born in 1992, Fulvia Buffoli is in love with books from the begging of her story, so ending as a Bookbinder was just a natural evolution for her interest in books: reading, writing, paper restoration and, finally, bookbinding.
After joined the University of Padua, History department, she started some artistic degrees at International Comics School of Padua, following the first year of Illustration Program, with teachers ad Angelo Bussacchini, Vittorio Bustaffa and Damiano Bellino, ending the final test with a score of 27/30, distinguished in animal hyperrealist portraits.
At the end of the first year she discovered the Olivotto Association for Paper Restoration in Vicenza, and she decided to join the school, following a 368 hours course at the School of Science and Art of Binding of Vicenza; in the two years of course, she worked also in two stages at the Center of Ancient Paper and Book Restoration of the Praglia’s Abbey, Teolo. After these experiences, some specialization courses in marbling papers and a first approach to the 13 techniques of leather decoration.
The desire to increase and refine her abilities for growing more precision and acknowledge bring her to the Centro del Bel Libro, at Ascona, Switzerland, where she followed lot of classes under the teaching of Suzanne Schmollgruber, the Headchief of the Centro. Restarting from basis to learn the most clean, precise and respectful way to bind books, she focused of leather bindings and leather classes, learning the most interesting bibliophile binding techniques, from flexible leather binding to the full French leather binding. During the studies she approach also to bookbinding modern design and decoration, thanks to a Masterclass of Centro del Bel Libro given by Hélène Jolis, followed by another private class to the teacher’s workshop in Paris, for learn also gilding with tools.
Some of her favourite bookbinders are Luigi Castiglioni, Monic Mathieu, Dominic Riley and Hedi Kyle.
Her way to look at all handcrafts is curious, insatiable, always in search for common points between fields who can allows mixing for find new way to bound books. In this sense, she followed also two classes at the workshop of Master Santi Del Sere, chief craftman recognized to the Tuscany Region in Anghiari, for learning the bases of wooden inlay, technique that she then developed for the purpose of creating wooden inlayed book covers. She strongly believe that each branch of craftsmanship exist as communicating vessels, so sharing and mixing techniques is a richness, and not a write-down of the product, even if sometimes results are not so… serious.
Her mantra flows around three P: Precision, Patience, Practice. But she doesn’t like to be too serious too..!
She loves personalized orders, that allows new point of view while sharing the ideas of clients.